The Kirby Building, Dallas

DALLAS, Jun 16, 2012/ — Constructed in 1913 by beer magnate Adolphus Busch as a complimentary retail and office space for his nearby Hotel Adolphus, the Kirby Building stands at 17 stories in downtown Dallas’ Main Street.

As you might have already guessed, the Kirby Building was originally named Busch Building but a change of ownership in 1919, when the Kirby Investment Company acquired it gave the edifice its current name.

The Kirby Building is a Dallas Landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Initiation (Xylon Warriors, Book One): Could Have Been Better

This is a great story gone bad due to bad editing!!! I say, FIRE THE EDITOR. The writer is good, the concept is great. She was able to flesh out the characters very well. Alexa and Braden are unforgettable characters plus the supporting cast.

This is a sci-fi/erotica book. That concept is a bounty for the writer, but whoever edited the book messed it all up. The book was edited like it was a movie. In fact, reading it, I could even imagine where the video editor would cut it up. Unfortunately, the editor did exactly what a video editor would do and that was the beginning of the end for this beautiful book. Remember, the other half of this book is erotica. With bad editing, it became coitus interruptus. :-(

Anyway, I believe that I should not punish the author for hiring a bad editor so I’m still going to buy the other two books in the series. Like what I said, the characters are unforgettable. As for the world building, it was alright. The book is too short to build a sci-fi/fantasy world to satisfy the geek in me. But, I am happy with what was given about Xylon.

Dallas: Ewing vs Ewing

DALLAS, Jun 16, 2012/ — Last night’s series premiere of DALLAS brought back the famous fictional EWING family that has become synonymous with the real city of Dallas and primetime soap during the 1980s.

In the 2010s, the Ewings are back – an older JR and Bobby, with their sons John Ross and Christopher, respectively. And this time, the fight is not just brother against brother it is also fathers against sons.

As a Dallasite, my interest in Dallas, the TV show is more than cursory. It is about my home city after all, though the family is fictional. Yet, what really caught my eye in the two-hour series premiere is the landscape and cityscape of Dallas.

Living here, I take those for granted. Seen through Hollywood lens, I begin to understand once again the “bigger in Texas” phrase.

Downtown Dallas will never compare to the skyscrapers of Manhattan; but the Dallas skyline is not shabby either. It’s actually something to be proud of, considering that the city is just a little over 100 years old.

That even when the original Dallas was filmed here, there were less skyscrapers downtown is something to consider. So, here is Dallas as seen through the eyes of a Dallasite.

31 Tasty Boneless Chicken Breast Recipes

Let’s Do Chicken

With 31 recipes, the book gives a wide variety do chicken meals. And they are all good. I don’t even know yet what is my favorite.

The book has a table of contents, a must-have for digital books. It makes it very easy to get to the page you’re looking for. But, there is no calorie counter, so I took out one star, hence the four star rating.

Colter’s Promise: Pulling everything and everyone together

If this is the final volume for the Colter series, I won’t be surprised. Maya Banks did a great job in pulling everything and everyone together in one book. And like what she said on the Acknowledgements, this book is for the readers who had followed the life of the Colters since “Colter’s Woman.”

Well, I am one of those readers and I am happy that Maya Banks tied up the loose ends with Colter’s Promise and thus I know what happened to one of my favorite fictional families.

Using the big main plot of the Colters from the 4 earlier books as the background, there are three subplots going on in Colter’s Promise. Lily’s storyline was developed; Holly’s relationship with her husbands and Adam’s feelings as the family patriarch were also expanded. And lastly, though not the least, how Max and Callie feel about their relationship was also explored.

There really was nothing new, yet this book is needed to round up the Colter series. And, if this book is meant to bid goodbye to the Colters, then it is a beautiful send off. But, if this book is a jumping point for a next series involving the new characters introduced in the book, then it is also great starting point.

Thanks Maya Banks! I’m really glad I met the Colters!

That said, I would like to say here also that the $7.99 price tag for the Kindle edition is actually a little steep a price tag for this novella. For an amount like that, I expect a novel, not a short novella. There, I’ve said my only gripe about this book.

Stone-Cold Lover (Winged and Dangerous, Book One): I Heart Gargoyles

Wow! I love this new take on gargoyles. I’ve always wondered if gargoyles can feel love, now I know… Thanks to the author of this book.

Loretta and Cray are not your ordinary lovers. Both are tragic characters. What is great is that both were able to overcome their emotional baggage to find true happiness. I love the way the author developed their characters.

So, why did I give it only 4 stars. It’s because a good chunk of the story was rushed.

Max as the baddie was a good choice, but his character was not developed enough to explain his behavior. If Max was given a little more background, then him turning into the bad guy would have had more impact.

Lincoln suffered the same fate as Max when it came to characterization. Again, if Lincoln was fleshed out better, this his actions and reactions would have built more drama perhaps even better.

As for the rest of the story and plot line, those are just perfect the way they are