Writing and Social Media Strategem

Describing myself as a writer on one hand and as a social media strategist on the other look ambitious at first glance. Yet, if you really think about it, like a writer, a social media strategist also tells a story albeit in photos and using only 140 characters.

There is an organic link between writing and social media. Since time immemorial, writing is considered one of the best forms of communication, transcending time, even human civilization. Social media, as the current zeitgeist is just another form of the written word. Using images and very few words to state ideas, social media has become a modern-day hieroglyphics.

So, while I can write a feature article, a trend report or a review that can go from 300 words to 10,000 words, formulating a storyboard for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is as creatively challenging as writing.

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